We guarantee that your dog will LOVE the PETZBED!



⚫ Six month guarantee against manufacturing defects.
Unfortunately there is no guarantee on the PETZBED against destruction caused by your four legged friend.


It is not possible to indicate a specific time period, as it depends on a lot of factors:
dog breed, weight, behaviour, amount of time spent on the PETZBED and how the product is cared for. Please view our Product care.


⚫ The PETZBED is NOT indestructible or chew proof – Nothing is for a dog

The PETZBED is very strong – made of materials of ultimate strength, as tuff as possible without compromising the comfort for your four legged friends.
Unfortunately nothing is indestructible for dogs

We recommend the use of Eucalyptus oil as a natural training method, especially for younger dogs. Just put it around the sides and corners, dogs do not mind the smell, but they hate the taste. Never leave the PETZBED with dogs during the day – at least for the first 2 weeks after getting the new PETZBED. That is when they are active and playful and think you bought them a nice toy - put it down in the evening until they get used to it being a bed.

⚫ No guarantee can be given, or liabilities accepted, with the recommended use of this product.


All refunds subject to a min of 20 % handling & processing fee
- depending on the condition of the returned product.

Please note that the PETZBED can only get refunded, if able to sell as NEW again - If any on the product showing that the product has been used, no returns will be allowed.

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